Blossoming performance
of Europe
Since 2004, our subsidiary SL has become a specialist in the demanding field, the transportation of fresh plants. We have combined our experiences here of international goods transport with our knowledge of the landscaping trade, to ensure high value for our customers. We have developed our services with the specific needs of live, fresh cargo in mind.
"Thermoelectric power from the alps"
We import our plants from the originators in Italy, Spain, Germany, and Denmark by means of air-conditioned truck, transporting them to our distribution warehouse in St. Pantaleon.
Our headquarters comprises over 3,000m² climate-controlled, and 6,000m² of open-air storage for delivery throughout Austria and the following international destinations: Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Romania.
Our services demonstrate that more and more companies are using the St. Pantaleon region as a central hub for the safe and secure transport.
So we all have in 2008 about 30,000 CC containers ( European flowers and potted plants trolleys ) settled - and the trend is rising. one Empties a container pool of 5,000 CC completes the range of our SL logistics.