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Natschläger Transportgesellschaft
Trimmelkamer Straße 15
A-5120 St. Pantaleon

phone: +43/6277/7745-0
Fax: +43/6277/7745-4
e-mail: office@lkw-natschlaeger.at

  Thomas Natschläger @
  phone: +43/6277/7745-16
  mobile: +43/650/3562579

  thermal- plant and transport
  Heimo Natschläger jr. @
  phone: +43/6277/7745-21 und 22
  mobile: +43/650/6277777
  Josef Jarec @
  phone: +43/6277/7745-12
  mobile: +43/650/6277700

empties Management
  Margit Glauninger @
  Tel.: +43/6277/7745-15 Fax -23

Workshop management
  Andreas Walcher@
  Tel: +43/650/2004073

stock masterful
  Alexander Markler
  Tel: +43/676/3245873
Our family with decades of experience and expertise has grown far beyond the region of Salzburg by network of friendly and customer oriented transport partners. Quick response and quick solutions will ensure your consistent satisfaction with our business.
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