Travelling on the
streets of Europe

On the streets of Europe and in the service of our customers,
this is the motto of Natschläger Trimmelkam, a fleet of 55 trucks in sizes between 3.5 and 40 tons including cargo. We are also able to transport oversize or over length cargo, up to 18 meters. Our company was founded by the grandfather of the current owner, Mr. Franz Friedl. Our company was essential in the postwar rebuilding period. Due to the chaos of war, our vehicles were drafted into military service.

In 1948, Joseph and Mary Natschläger founded their namesake company with the interest of providing cargo transportation and coal distribution. With only two trucks the company was able to become a success. After the death of Mary in 1966, the youngest son of the Natschläger family Heimo joined the team. Heimo born 12/17/1944 followed in their footsteps and took over the family business by successfully passing the licensing examination. At that time the business primarily performed service in construction materials transportation. This became all the more critical with the expansion of the highway system.

Because of the steady growth and expansion of the company, Heimo steered the company in the direction of long-distance transportation services. During that time Natschläger acquired several regional carriers to expand the capacity of the services provided. This is the pathway that led to long-haul international transport. It was in the early 70's that led to a further expansion in the east. Trains in convoys of 2-3 were able to reach countries such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Syria. These countries originate memories that to this day, lead to incredible stories among our staff.

In the 70's Heimo Natschläger decided to leave the cab of the truck and start a family. He married Ingrid Schick, whose family was also integrated into the transport service field, and this led to the path of success. The family's fortune was made perfect by the birth of two sons, Thomas (1977), and Heimo (1979).

Over time, the fleet was constantly expanded, as well as the company's premises in Lamprechtshausen, which was the original home of the Natschläger company. The truck lot and office building were expanded as well as the workshop in the early 80's, but did not stop there. In the early 90's the fleet had expanded toover 70 vehicles.

At the end of 90 years, he has decided to take one more pioneering step. The company purchased and renovated the new facility in Trimmelkam. The 3-hectare truck lot and office building were expanded, and a modern garage was built. This became the hub for the company's efforts in ensuring that all trucks are maintained to rigorous standards, even traffic safety. The company also retains services from partners to ensure quality maintenance and inspection of the fleet at all times. We even have a truck wash to offer our customers our best side.

One additional service we provide is our 3,000 climate-controlled storage facility, including 6,000 open-air storage. We also have three cranes capable of lifting up to 5 tones, almost no load is too heavy.

Today the company employs 60 people. Our team of mechanics work with Andreas Walcher, car mechanics apprentice. Our drivers are highly qualified and professional.

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